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Industry Updates

  • Learn more about the KwikSwitch float connection system

  • Shop our full selection of Microbial Products HERE

  • Microbial vs Chemical Products

    In this era of ever-increasing concern for the environment, there is no need for toxic chemicals when natural, green alternatives exist. Microbial products are able to break down organic matter into its simplest form of H2O and CO2 and do not create any harmful environmental by-products. Once the organic matter is degraded, a clean, fresh environment is all that remains. These products are safe for both the environment and the user. Microbial-type cleaners work best over a period of time, providing a natural bio-film that attaches to a surface to provide continual organic matter decomposition.

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  • Get the truth about Gas Chlorine

    • Gas Chlorine is 100% elemental chlorine
    • Gas Chlorine is the safest method of water disinfection
    • Gas Chlorine does not degrade over time
    • Gas Chlorine is the most cost-effective method
    • Gas Chlorine uses reusable cylinders

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  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • National Rural Water Association
  • Water Enviroment Federation
  • Water Quality Association
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