About Us

App4Water is a leading supplier of Instruments and Control products for Water and Wastewater applications.  App4Water is the online marketing name for Whel-Tech Inc.  which has been selling products for over 30 years. The App4water website enables our customers to order our products online, obtain product recommendations for a particular application, and get technical product support documents for various applications.

Selecting the proper Control solutions for an application can be a daunting task. Equipment selection and sizing alone can be very time consuming and frustrating. With our available expertise, App4Water can work to minimize these tasks. We provide our customers with technical recommendations, value engineering, budgetary project cost analysis, start-up, training assistance, and technical aftermarket field service and support for the products we sell. App4Water will take into consideration the current requirements of an application, while preparing a system for future growth, evolving regulations, and security.

Water is no longer the ever abundant resource it once was. With the increasing rate of population growth, the water quality concerns faced by municipalities are becoming more difficult to manage with the limited resources available to them. These organizations are tasked with managing their water infrastructure to maintain the safety and quality of our nation’s water. App4Water simplifies the applications by providing recommended products which have a history of achieving the required performance, reduced cost of ownership, simplicity of operation, and lasting reliability.

Our Commitment: 

We only sell products that we believe have been tested and proven to work in the applications shown.

We strive for representing only


  • QUALITY PRODUCTS: The highest quality, “best in class,” products.
  • QUALITY SERVICE: Support for products for as long as they are owned.
  • QUALITY PEOPLE: Our staff is comprised of individuals with the highest ethics and honesty. We all work together to provide customers with the best possible care.


  • American Water Works Association
  • Chesapeake Water Enviroment Assocaition
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • National Rural Water Association
  • Water Enviroment Federation
  • Water Quality Association
  • Whel-Tech