Wellzyme Bioremediation Benefits

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Scum Pit & Lines  

  • Keeps waste fluid, soft and pumpable 
  • Keeps waste from compacting 
  • Eliminates pockets where gases can build-up. Compression can cause explosions

Primary Clarifiers  

  • Increases primary settleability of solids
  • Decreases scum blanket

Aeration Tank

  • Reduces B.O.D.
  • Reduces final suspended solids (SS)  
  • Reduces Foam
    • From detergent (white foam)
    • From Nocardia* (tan/brown foam)
      *Nocardia amarae – Actinomycete – (Bacteria/Funfi) 
      • Extra housekeeping effort 
      • Blockage of scum removal 
      • Odor from drying scum 
      • Health risks associated with pathogens in windblown foam 
      • Reduction of oxygen transfer at the surface of mechanically aerated basins 
      • Increased B.O.D. & S.S. in plant effluent when scum escapes from the secondary clarifier  
  • Reduces Bulking & Rising Sludge 
    • High nitrogen level (E-Z N) 
    • High Sludge Volume Index (SVI) – Filamentous Bulking 

Trickling Filters  

  • Promotes growth needed for oxidation  
  • Digests scum and unwanted slime
  • Accelerates the decomposition of slough  
  • Decreases ponding

RBC’s (Rotating Biological Compacters)

  • Digests scum, sludge and unwanted slime from disks and shaft, reducing weight and lessening the chance of bending  
  • Provides oxygen for growth  
  • Accelerates the decomposition of slough


  • Increases settleability  
  • Promotes algae growth needed for oxidation

Imhoff Tanks

  • Promotes settleability
  • Degrades waste build-up in tanks and gas vents

Secondary Clarifiers  

  • Increases settleability of solids
  •  Reduces scum blanket  
  • Reduces B.O.D.
  • Reduces final S.S. 
  • Decreases turbidity, therefor a clearer effluent
  • Reduces Bulking (Filamentous Bulking- Sphaerotilus organisms)
    • Decreases high Sludge Volume Index (SVI)

Sludge Concentration Tanks, Sludge Thickening Tanks, Aroebic Digesters

  • Reduces grease build-ups
  • Reduces floatables
  • Reduces odor
  • Increases density of sludge
  • Conditions sludge (breaks-up compacted sludge)
  • Expands tank capacity

Anaroebic Digesters

  • Reduces Foam – Heavy from Waste Activated Sludge W.A.S.
  • Reduces crusting
  • Reduces odors
  • Increases Methane Production

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