4" Mercury-Free Teardrop Quick Release Float and Cable System

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The 4" mercury free quick release float switch connection system is designed to be installed directly in a wet well. The 4-port manifold easily connects 1-4 KwikSwitch float switches for level control applications. The KwikSwitch system improves reliability, and significantly reduces installation and float switch replacement time.

  • (4) Quick release float switch connections
  • Rated for temporary submersion, 6 ft. (1.8m) for 72 hours
  • Dual seal design for improved protection against water ingress and corrosive gases typically found in sewage lift stations
  • Single manifold multi-conductor direct burial rated cable
  • Color coded wiring pairs in cable correspond to colored caps on the manifold for easy identification (red-blue-yellow-white)
  • Sealing plugs for unused ports
  • Manifold provided with stainless steel mounting bracket
  • CSA Certified
  • 2-year limited warranty


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