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Choose from a product category below to browse one of our specialized product lines. The products displayed are selected specifically with quality and reliability in mind based on decades of field experience.

  1. Alarm Enclosures

    Alarm Enclosures Alarms help operators to monitor equipment malfunction, equipment failure, liquid level changes, temperature changes, and more.
  2. Ammoniators

    Ammoniators Ammoniators are used in the water and wastewater industry to combat disinfection biproducts and to neutralize acids.
  3. Chart Recorders

    Chart Recorders Chart recorders are used to record various process and electrical signals on circular paper charts.
  4. Chemical Metering Pumps

    Chemical Metering Pumps Chemical Metering Pumps are for flow proportional applications with liquid handling configurations for slurries and high viscosity chemicals.
  5. Chlorinators

    Chlorinators Chlorinators are used in the water and wastewater industry to aide in disinfection..
  6. Chlorine Analyzers

    Chlorine Analyzers Chlorine monitors are intended to help monitor and control chlorine dioxide in disinfection systems.
  7. Control Panels

    Control Panels Control panels combine selected automatic pump and process control systems with chosen protective, alarm, and monitoring equipment in water and wastewater applications.
  8. Electrodes

    Electrodes Electrodes use the electrical conductivity of liquids as a reliable means of achieving liquid level control.
  9. Float Switches

    Float Switches Float switches are devices that can detect the rise or fall of a liquid level in order to trigger an event such as a pump cycle or alarm. The Flood Level Float Switch is specifically designed for sensing flood conditions or water on the floor. It is particularly intended for sensing a level rise (flood) in the dry pit (equipment chamber) of an underground sewage pumping station.
  10. Flow Meters

    Flow Meters Flowmeters are suitable for measuring the flow of most electrically conductive liquids, pastes, and slurries in water and wastewater applications.
  11. Gas Monitors

    Gas Monitors Gas monitors are designed to reliably detect potentially hazardous concentrations of combustible gases in ambient air.
  12. Junction Boxes

    Junction Boxes Junction boxes provide operators with a protective housing for various electrical components and connections.
  13. Odor Control

    Odor Control Technology designed for the control of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other malodorous compounds found in sewer gases
  14. Pressure Gauges

    Pressure Gauges Pressure gauges provide operators with a means to measure pressure in industries where liquid materials are processed.
  15. Rain Gauges

    Rain Gauges Rain gauges are weather instruments designed to accurately monitor rain rate and total rainfall.
  16. Sulphonators

    Sulphonators Sulphonators principle use is to dechlorinate water, wastewater, and industrial process water with sulfur dioxide, in addition to other applications.
  17. Transducers - Inline Pressure

    Transducers - Inline Pressure Pressure transducers are specifically designed for depth and level measurements of water and wastewater.
  18. Transducers - Submersible

    Transducers - Submersible Pressure transducers are specifically designed for depth and level measurements of water and wastewater.
  19. Turbidity Monitors

    Turbidity Monitors Turbidity Monitors measure the optical clarity of water as a relative indicator of the amount of suspended solids in solution, and as an indicator of product water quality.
  20. Water Quality

    Water Quality Equipment used to monitor and control disinfection systems and water quality.
  21. Product Repair

    Product Repair We can repair a variety of Danfoss and Siemens products including those that are obsolete or no longer available.


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