Microbial vs Chemical Products

In this era of ever-increasing concern for the environment, there is no need for toxic chemicals when natural, green alternatives exist. Microbial products are able to break down organic matter into its simplest form of H2O and CO2 and do not create any harmful environmental by-products. Once the organic matter is degraded, a clean, fresh environment is all that remains. These products are safe for both the environment and the user. Microbial-type cleaners work best over a period of time, providing a natural bio-film that attaches to a surface to provide continual organic matter decomposition.

Review the advantages that Microbial based products provide versus harmful chemical products:

Microbial Cultured Products:

  • Reduce B.O.D, Grease, Nitrogen, Nocardia, Odor, Sludge, Susp. Solids, Sulfur compounds and more
  • Enhance the natural degradation biological process providing complete breakdown of organic matter to H2O and CO2
  • Environmentally safe: non-caustic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-volatile- safe for personnel
  • Increase Settleability of solids and density of sludge
  • Do not create any harmful bi-products that can damage the treatment system.
  • Harmless to pipes, traps and equipment
  • Maintain a neutral pH balance of the biological system allowing the inherent bacteria to prosper.
  • Grow and multiply for days after initial application providing continual dosing of digestive enzymes
  • Promote growth needed for oxidation
  • Help stabilize pH issues due to the oxidation of certain organic acids
  • Contain biodegradable components and naturally occurring bacteria
  • Do not add any  appreciable phosphates or harmful chlorinated solvents that can accumulate in groundwater aquifers


Chemical Products:

  • Provide harmful bi-products that can damage the biological treatment system
  • Promote corrosion that damages pipes and equipment
  • Create downstream issues that can affect the production and health of the treatment plant
  • Can cause pH issues, damaging the inherent bacteria resulting in failed biological system
  • Require continual dosing and have no lasting affects
  • Environmentally unsafe: caustic, toxic, corrosive, volatile
  • Environmentally unfriendly, dangerous to fish, pets, and people
  • Require safety equipment to handle and to protect personnel
  • Add appreciable phosphates and Chlorinated solvents that accumulate in groundwater aquifers

Microbial cultured products are a liquid blend of natural bacteria, enzymes, and surfactants for use in maintaining, cleaning, and deodorizing. They are formulated for ease of cleaning and removal of fats, oil, greases, starches, proteins, etc. which accumulate in toilets, drains, traps, plumbing systems, and septic tanks and to suppress the odors that result from such accumulations.

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